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Our range of therapies is aimed at children and young people as well as adults.


Are you suffering from stress, insecurities, school problems, behavioral problems or are you having difficulty managing your emotions? Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday life, are you experiencing professional stress, relationship problems or personal crises?

For many people it is a very big challenge to face these psychological hurdles. If you are looking for support, it means that the first step has been taken and you are already in the process of finding a solution to your problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of therapists is at your side.

Our work is characterized by warmth, appreciative interaction, goal orientation and scientific foundation.

For the greatest possible flexibility, we are of course also happy to offer appointments for young people and adults online!

With children, personal contact is important for a good therapeutic relationship We work with the youngest children exclusively on site in order to best take their individual needs into account.


Life Coaching & Business coaching

It is a liberating process to share without worry or consideration. Talking is more than just expressing thoughts: thoughts get organized and what is important becomes tangible. 

The aim of coaching is to increase your immediate well-being and create clarity. In as few conversations as possible, the areas that stand in the way of your satisfaction are focused on, decisions are weighed up and changes are initiated. 

Usually 1-2 sessions are enough to solve a current problem. The sessions last 50 minutes. You will be given plenty of space to describe your concerns. Questions, pictures, stories and clues will help you initiate change.

Of course, we also offer all coaching sessions online!

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Couples therapy

Our therapy offering is aimed at couples of all ages who want to work on their relationship together. This may mean that you are going through a period of uncertainty, experiencing emotional distance, or facing communication and trust issues.

In a neutral space, we offer you the opportunity to be heard and to develop mutual understanding based on your individual backgrounds. Our focus is on providing solution strategies for dealing with each other.

Our therapeutic approach is designed to take into account the uniqueness of each relationship. We are here to help you overcome conflict, clarify misunderstandings and rediscover connection with one another.

Whether you are looking for clarity for the future of your relationship or need support during a breakup - we are here to help you find solutions together.

Since it can often be difficult to find time for shared appointments in busy everyday life, we also offer online appointments for couples therapy.

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