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Contact us and make an appointment

If you still have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a preliminary discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via email, contact form or can be reached by phone. We look forward to your message and will do our best To answer your request as quickly as possible.

You are also welcome to make appointments here.


Preliminary conversation

A preliminary discussion can take place live or via online video session. It is an initial meeting in which your concerns are discussed. Here you can check whether the chemistry is right - because you should contact your therapist | Of course you feel like your coach is in good hands. The therapy relationship is one of the most important impact factors in counseling or therapy. 


You will discuss together what further action makes sense in your specific situation. You will then have the opportunity to take your time to think about whether and how you can imagine working together. Of course, your request is subject to our obligation of confidentiality and will be treated with absolute confidentiality. 


Coaching or psychotherapy?

In coaching, the focus of advice is on temporary private or professional difficulties that do not require medical treatment because they are not based on a mental illness. In the coaching process, blockages are resolved, alternative solutions are developed or goals are redefined using activating exercises and reflections, usually within just a few sessions.


Psychotherapeutic treatment, on the other hand, is usually designed to be long-term in order to uncover the underlying causes of a mental illness and to mitigate or completely overcome them through a therapy plan. The goal of psychotherapy is to restore mental health by changing emotional and cognitive processes, but also by looking at life history. Knowledge about the disease is also conveyed and coping strategies are developed.


Working together

Ready to go! We bring a wide range of expertise from psychiatry, psychosomatics, coaching, counseling and couples therapy and will work with you to try to get a little closer to your personal goals.


Experience shows that self-paying clients take greater responsibility for their own healing and development process. You are open to the upcoming changes. The process is therefore usually constructive and quick.

Experience has shown that a video consultation can also be used toA sustainable working relationship is created so that you can quickly and directly access professional advice. We only make an exception for children - we only receive them on site in the practice.

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Do you want to start making changes in your life? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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