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Anna Maxhofer & Stefanie Winke

Privatpraxis W&M

Winke & Mitarbeiter
M.Sc. & Diplom Psychologists


Our offer for self-payers

  • Psychotherapy according to the Alternative Practitioner Act for Adults, Children & Teenagers

  • Couples therapy

  • Life Coaching & Business coaching

  • German, English & Spanish

  • On site in the practice or online

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!

In a protected and neutral conversation environment, we offer professional support on your personal journey.

Through conversation, thoughts and feelings become clearer. Through exchange, we expand perspectives, initiate processing and change processes, promote self-understanding and strengthen connections. A space for reflection, self-discovery and growth.

We are appreciative, warm, authentic and solution-oriented in the conversation process. Our team consists exclusively of qualified psychologists and we are all trained in scientifically recognized therapy procedures. Our work always follows medical guidelines. ​Here You can get an overview of the experiences and focus of our therapists.


Important to know: We are a Private practice for self-payers and bill according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners. You must clarify directly with your insurance company whether your health insurance company will cover costs. We have the most important informationhere summarized.


Would you like to become part of our therapeutic team?

We are hiring!

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Google Reviews

This is what our patients say...

I can only say that it was a true blessing for me to be able to meet and work with Ms. Schleelein in such a difficult and bad state that I found myself in!!
She got me out of the worst state of suffering and showed me important strategies to look forward again and gain confidence in myself! [...]
I am very grateful for the good support and as bumpy as it may sound, it was worth every penny to have taken advantage of this help!
I definitely recommend the practice 👍🍀✊

—Claudia K.


Preliminary conversation

Make an appointment for a preliminary discussion, get to know your therapist and discuss with us how to proceed with your personal concerns

- click here and find out more about the process -

Are you interested? Do you have any questions? Do you want to start making changes in your life? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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